I was determined to cut back on my sugar intake, especially hidden sugar and by doing so, lose weight.


To that end I devised a set of guide lines and these are set out on the right.


They definitely helped me in reducing my sugar consumption.  If you feel they might help you please feel free to adopt them as they are, or if you prefer, adapt them to your own circumstances.


I found that the best way for me was to  start at number 1 and work through to number 12.


I was in no rush, I worked at my own pace and gradually changed my eating habits when I felt ready.


We all succumb to temptation at times and I am no exception. When I have ‘slipped’ I  admit it  to myself and my wife and then get back on track.  For me it is important that I involve someone else as a fail-safe to my own greed.

My Path to Long Term Weight Loss
1.  I Accepted, without reservation or qualification, that I was overweight (aka FAT).


2.  I recognised that dealing with my weight was my responsibility alone.


3.  It was up to me to take charge and sort my weight out, once and for all .


4.  I decided to ignore all the ‘stuff’ I had read in the past, seen on TV or been told by well-meaning family and friends about how to lose weight.


5.  I spent time learning the basics about food and what the body needs.


6.  As a result of learning about food it became very  apparent to me that the root-cause of my being overweight was my sugar intake from the ‘hidden’ sugar in much of the food I ate.


7.  I  took a long hard look at my eating habits and decided to change then once and for all and for the better.


8.  I set myself an aspirational target of  a maximum of 3 grams per 100 of sugar in all my foods.


9.  I do, however, realise that in some cases it is not be possible to achieve my target sugar intake.  For example, fruit and vegetables generally exceed this figure by quite a large margin.  In such cases I opt for the lower sugar options, oranges before apples, buying smaller bananas, avoiding dried fruit and so on.


10.  It was important to me that I shared my intentions with someone else, in my case my wife who helps me keep to my new diet, especially when shopping.  She has become quite adept at spotting high sugar products and helping me avoid buying the ‘wrong’ foods,


11.  While I continue to enjoy the benefits of my low sugar diet and the ‘new-me’ it’s important that I maintain a sensible approach to other dietary issues.  I still keep my fat intake down but not as obsessively as previously.  I also keep an eye on my salt intake – another of the big issues surrounding processed food.


12.  Finally, I’m happy to help anyone who wishes to lose weight by explaining how I managed to do so but it’s important that I  keep my council with those who don’t wish to know.