Chestnut Pie

I’m experimenting with various ideas for a Christmas vegetarian alternative to turkey etc.  Today I baked chestnut. mushroom and red onion pies, one for this evening meal and the rest for the freezer.  I have a few more ideas to try out over the next few weeks before I decide which, if any, will do the trick.

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2 Comments to Chestnut Pie
  1. Jeanette

    Look yummy. Wish i had more time for baking my own food. Then you know what goes into it unlike buying a pie from the supermarket which is pumped full of goodness knows what. Everything is geared up for convenience these days but can’t beat home cooked food.

    • Michael Hinchliffe

      I had one for dinner last night, not bad but I think I may be able to improve on it with some of the other recipes. Another trip to the shops for bits and pieces calls. One problem is that recipies give specific amounts but when shopping in supermarkets most stuff is pre-packed so it’s difficult to get the right amounts. I end up with either too much or not enough. I need to find a top level delicatessen which might be a problem in Ashford.


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