Cooking healthy food


Well, I’ve been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks so I thought it was about time for an update.  I enjoy cooking (but I have started rather late in life) as I like to know what it is I’m eating.  Today I have cooked a veggie ...

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    As I mentioned earlier I’m experimenting with trying to make something interesting and tasty for Christmas lunch for myself and my son James – we are both vegetarians.  So far I’ve tried two recipes and they have been very helpful ...

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    Chestnut Pie


    I’m experimenting with various ideas for a Christmas vegetarian alternative to turkey etc.  Today I baked chestnut. mushroom and red onion pies, one for this evening meal and the rest for the freezer.  I have a few more ideas to try out over ...

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    Free Prize!!!


    For those of you with a urge to be a caption writer there is a free to enter caption competition, with a prize, for the photo below.  Just click on ‘FREE PRIZE’ above then on the link –  Go ...

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    Slim Tum


    I’m aware that the attached photograph will elicit some rude remarks but take it from me that I’m just showing off how much I’ve lost from around my tum – 6 inches.  These are a pair of trousers from my fat days and the T shi ...

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