From Fat to Thin(ner) in 6 months


Following a bit of a scare over my weight, and a stern warning from my doctor, I decided that once and for all I needed to get my weight under control.   This my story; I’m sharing in the hope that my experiences will help others.


A word of caution. 

I’m no expert on nutrition; this site is simply an explanation of how I lost weight and my take on the subject; I’m not claiming any particular expertise in these matters.  If you have any known, or suspected, medical conditions that reducing your sugar intake may effect then please get medical advice before you start.   I would also suggest you seek advice before subjecting a child to this programme.


I am 5′ 10” tall and as of August 2012 I weighed 17 stone (238 lbs. or 107 kg) – a BMI of 34.1 (clinically obese).


The Learning Curve:

In August 2012 I was warned (again) by my doctor, about my weight and lack of exercise.  In addition my blood-sugar levels were getting dangerously high (42 muol/mol) and I was at risk of becoming diabetic.  This came as quite a shock, but, it was also very much a wake up call. Diabetes sets in at 48 muol/mol.


Unfortunately my knowledge regarding weight-loss, the right and wrong foods and the real benefit of exercise was very poor – to say the least.  In the past I had endeavoured to lose weight time after time and failed on every single occasion.  In addition, and based on current advice, I was already eating healthily, after all I was buying free range and organic products, getting my ‘5’ a day and eating ‘low-fat’ products.


So I searched the internet for dieting suggestions and spoke at length to family and friends. Following my ‘research’ I decided my diet would consist of eating smaller portions, cutting out ‘treats’ and walking 3 or 4 miles a day, several times a week.  I also bought smaller plates as a way of ‘fooling’ myself as to the size of the portions I was eating.  (It didn’t work, my stomach was cleverer than me!)


It didn’t go well; I felt permanently hungry and so I kept sneaking into the kitchen to nick a ginger biscuit or other ‘treat’ when my wife wasn’t looking. (I didn’t fool her for one minute.) That wasn’t my only cheat – if I was out and about I would ‘pop’ into a café for a light snack (beans on toast with an egg on top) just to tide me over to the next meal.  I also cheated when I went out for a meal with my wife or friends by giving into my cravings for traditional English puddings; after all, what harm could the occasional pud do me?


And the Result?  Over the next three months I struggled to keep to my diet but, despite my worst efforts, I managed to lose half a stone (7 lbs. 3.2 kg.).  And then came Christmas and the New Year when I put it all back on again.


Three difficult months to lose 7 lbs.

 Ten easy days to put it all back on again!!!



  • I had just wasted three months of my life to no good avail;

  • My dieting methodology was pants;

  • It’s said that a good definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting the result to be different. This sounds about right for me then.


Lessons Learnt:

I was facing a future as a type 2 diabetic unless I got to grips with my weight issue;

I knew Sweet FA about dieting, weight-loss and food in general;

Much of the so called ‘expert’ advice on weight loss is rubbish;

I’m useless at dieting;

It was time to take the subject seriously.


So into Action:

  • My first action was to go on-line and learn about diet, food types and sort out the wheat from the chaff (pun intended).  Next was working out a programme for change – one that I could follow, not just for a few weeks or months, but for the rest of my life;


  • I learnt that sugar in food is the real killer and so I decided to change my eating patterns for good by cutting back my sugar intake.  This means not only stopping putting sugar on my cereal but also avoiding hidden or added sugars in food – the real enemy.


  • I decided to set an aspirational target of only buying foods that had no more than 3 grams of sugar in every 100.  However, in respect of foods that are eaten in very small portions I do allowed a little leeway of up to 6 grams per 100.


  • I threw nothing away from my existing larder but introduced these changes gradually, as items were replaced.


  • I started taking note of what I ate when I was out and about so as not to undo any progress already made.


  • I set myself a final target weight of 13.5 stone (189 lbs or 85 kilograms).


  • And then I  got on with it!


Proof of the Pudding!

  • In late May 2013 I went for a blood test for my sugar levels and general check up; at the same time I was weighed.  My weight was down to 94 kilos, (207 lbs or 14.75 stone);


  • When my test results came through my blood sugar levels had fallen dramatically from 42 muol/mol to 35;


  • Since then I have continued to lose weight and as of  the end of June 2013 I weighed 14 stone (196 lbs or 88 kilos).


  • I feel and look much better, the only down side is that my existing clothes are somewhat baggy! But on the other-hand I recently bought a new summer jacket and found I no longer needed Extra-Large; I’ve dropped a whole man-size fitting.  Very chuffed.


 I should add that I don’t have, and never have had, any connection with the food, slimming or keep-fit industries.